Age Spots

Removing Age Spots

Generally, age spots are caued by sun exposure, which increases melanin production and encourages the formation of uneven pigmentation on exposed areas of the skin.

Increased deposition of melanin can be stimulated by UV light from the sun, or artificially, from tanning salons. So, if you're a sun worshipper or don't protect your skin from UV rays, age spots are probably in your future.

The least exciting parts of aging are the changes that happen to our skin. As you age you may start to notice the appearance of tan or brown spots on your face, arms or hands. You may be wondering what these spots are. They are most likely age spots, which are the results of aging, heredity or exposure to sun or artificial light (e.g. tanning beds). Even though we can’t stop the aging process, we can certainly provide a variety of options for diminishing your age spots.Age Spots The Villages, FL

If you feel embarrassed by age spots then it’s time you sat down and talked to us about the many treatment options at your disposal for improving your appearance. If over-the-counter treatments and creams just aren’t cutting it then we can provide you with an array of different age spot treatments.

Medications are just one way to reduce and even eliminate your age spots. Certain medications include steroids, retinoids and even bleaching agents that will fade away age spots over the course of a couple months. While using these medications it’s important that you always wear sunscreen before going outside to protect sensitive skin from irritation or burns.

Laser therapy has also become a popular way to treat age spots. Through pulsed light treatment, we can kill cells on the surface of the skin that are responsible for these dark pigments. These specialized lasers are directed over the skin where they help to reduce the appearance of age spots without damaging the healthy skin around it. Like age spot medications, laser therapy will take several sessions in order to achieve the right results.

Dermabrasion is another procedure that uses a handheld sanding device that removes the outermost layer of the skin where dead skin and melanin-producing cells live. Since dermabrasion also produces microscopic tears in the skin this also stimulates the body’s natural healing response so that new healthy skin forms. There is some recovery time with dermabrasion and you may notice some redness, irritation or tenderness after treatment.

A chemical peel is yet another option we offer for treating your age spots. Instead of a sanding instrument, we will apply a special acid over the skin, which will burn the outer layer of the skin and, similar to dermabrasion, stimulate the growth of new healthier skin. Like many of the other treatments we offer, you may require more than one chemical peel in order to achieve the optimum results. Your recovery time will also depend on the intensity and deepness of the chemical peel you choice.